“Automobile orchestra” with 80 vehicles

To celebrate this anniversary, Mannheim is staging a unique cultural event. Right in the center of the town, one of the most beautiful and best preserved Art Nouveau parks in Europe – the Friedrichsplatz – will be transformed into a giant concert arena for one night only. The focus will be on the 80-vehicle “automobile orchestra” made up of everything from classic cars to racing cars and even tractors. The cars will be played like instruments. The rhythmic sounds of windshield wipers, clattering trunk lids and the deep sounds of engines will all be channeled into the symphony.

Automotive sounds, an orchestra, a choir and language will all combine with images, videos and lasers to form a huge multimedia symphony. “This will be an event of an international standard that will take place only once and only in Mannheim,” stresses Michel Maugé, Managing Director of m:con. The Mannheim conventions and events agency m:con is developing and organizing the project on behalf of the city of Mannheim.